How to Maximise the Life of Replacement Vape Pods

A vape device might not appear as a major investment to many vapers but it can incur substantial financial costs in the long run.

Being an investment, you should be aware of the things you can do to make your replacement vape pods lasts longer. This would help you efficiently spend your money on your vaping kits and accessories.

In this article, we are going to discuss How to maximise the life of Replacement vape Pods. This would help you gain insights on how to keep your vape system alive for many years to come.

The wear and tear effects of the pods can overtime deteriorate your vape device no matter the type of material it is made up of. You should know how to reduce the possibilities of damage so that you can keep your investment fully operational for a longer duration.

How to Prolong Life of Your Vape Device

Before going into the details of maximizing the lifespan of your replacement pods, you should know how to take care of your vape device.

To prolong the life of your replacement vape pod, you would have to take care of the device on several levels so that you don’t miss out on any essential component.

Vape Battery

The battery serves as the heart of the entire vaping setup, as it gives life to the device.

The wattage of the device depends upon the level of charge left in the device, which means that you should refrain from using the device when the battery percentage is less than 10%.

For optimum performance, make sure to keep on recharging your device from time to time. If the device stays dormant for many months, then this can have damaging effects on the battery.

When it comes to owning spare batteries, you should top up the extra batteries from time to time. When you don’t use a battery for extended periods, this affects the ability of the battery to hold a charge.

Luckily, it is easier to maintain your vape battery.

Don’t Overcharge the Device

To keep your device in tip-top shape, you need to ensure healthy battery life.

If you have a habit of leaving your vape device on a charging mode, then this can create serious safety threats. The battery can explode if it reaches a certain heat level for an extended period.

While it might be a practical approach to sit around your device while it charging, you should always be cautious about the time it takes for it to be fully recharged. This would ensure that you plug it off when it reaches its full capacity.

Turn Off the Vape after Use

Many inexperienced vapers forget about turning off their vape device after each vaping session.

You might think that your device only consumes energy when you take a puff but it can drain your battery even if it is left idle. No matter how many times you vape in a day, you should maintain a habit of switching off the power button after each vaping session.

How to Maximise the Life of Replacement Vape Pods/Coils

Changing pods/coils of your replacement vape pod systems can be a bit of a hassle for many vape users out there.

Regardless of the tiresome process, replacing the coils/pods is a necessary thing that you have to do to enhance the overall performance of your vaping setup and get a smooth flavor delivery in each draw.

Although vape pods or coils have a short lifespan, there are various things you can do to prolong their life.

  1. Prime Before You Vape

Priming your coil is an essential process to ensure a smooth vaping experience and it also increases the lifespan of your vape pods.

Most vape systems come with user manuals that tell in detail about the priming technique of that specific model. You should only consider throwing that manual when you get accustomed to priming your vape on your own.

Priming is referred to saturating your wicking material with e-juice to its full capacity in a way that it gets fully soaked. This allows a smooth throat hit in each puff and decreases the chances of ending up with dry hits – which can be comfortable for the users.

Firstly, you would have to replace a new coil with the old one. Add a few drops of e-juice over the holes of the coil through which cotton is inserted. Make sure that you keep on adding the e-liquid until the cotton gets fully immersed in liquid. Let it sit for about 5 minutes, and then add e-liquid to your vape tank. Once you are done refilling your tank with e-liquid, let it sit in the tank for about 10 minutes before turning on the power button.

During the initial phase of usage, it is recommended to turn down the wattage to a lower level and start taking small puffs. Keep on repeating it for a couple of minutes, and then you can make your way up to standard puffing by turning up the wattage settings.

  • Avoid Using Sweet E-Liquids Frequently

As much as you enjoy satisfying your sweet tooth with dessert-based nicotine salt e-liquid blends, you might want to decrease your frequency of using such flavors because they incur damaging effects on your coils.

Many vape fans that use e-liquids with a higher VG concentration tend to end up with clogged-up coils. These flavors have a dense flavor delivery that leaves the users with a strong aftertaste. Because of the higher sugar content, this puts deteriorating effects on the pods. Most sugary e-liquids trigger the formation of caramelized sugar on the coil heads, which can have detrimental effects on the overall lifespan of the vape pod.

It is recommended to keep on switching to alternate flavors, such as fruit-based blends and exotic cocktails. Similarly, you should also avoid opting for artificially colored e-liquids.

  • Use E-Liquids With Lower VG Concentrations

Most coils cannot withstand e-liquids with VG concentrations higher than 60%.

The higher the VG content the more viscous the e-juice is going to be. To ensure a smooth function, it is always better to opt for a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. This well-balanced consistency ensures that the wick material remains drenched with e-liquid throughout a vaping session.

  • Steer Clear of Dry Hits

Most vaping aficionados are familiar with the notorious “dry fire”, which can dramatically shorten the lifespan of vape pods.

It is highly recommended to ensure that the e-liquid stays above the refill indicator line on your tank. Burnout can happen if there is less quantity of e-juice inside the tank.

To relieve pressure buildup inside the tank, you should remove the refill cap after a long vaping session so that the compressed gas can be released into the air.

Similarly, many vapers have a habit of “dry burning” their device to burn off any e-liquid residue buildup in the atomizer. For dry burning, the users press the power button without taking any puffs from the mouthpiece. While this act might improve flavor delivery temporarily, it can put excessive pressure on the coils.

  • Chain Vaping

While it might be highly satisfying to take deep vape inhalations continuously without any breaks, it can put a strain on your coils.

No matter how much craving you have for nicotine for any given moment, it is always better to give 30-second gaps between each puff. It may look like a tedious task in the beginning but you would soon get accustomed to this habit.

Avoiding continuous inhalation would improve the overall life of your replacement vape pods and help you enjoy them without any inconveniences.

  • Use Appropriate Nicotine Concentration

Make sure to assess your daily nicotine requirements before purchasing a nicotine salt e-liquid for your vape pod system.

You are more likely to engage in excessive vaping if the nic concentration is too low according to your daily needs. It is better to go a level up with the nicotine strength so that you would be able to satiate your nicotine needs by taking fewer puffs. This would help you cut down on costs related to e-liquids and electricity bills to recharge the device.

  • Wattage Settings

For the cloud chasing type, increasing your wattage settings would have a quicker burnout effect on your coils.

While you might get a better flavor payoff with high wattage levels, it can shorten the life of your vape pods. You might have noticed that whenever you crank up the wattage levels your coils burn away more quickly. To avoid this, you would have to lower the wattage settings of your vaping device.


There you have it. Maximizing the life of your replacement vape pods or coils isn’t as difficult as it might sound.

We hope, by reading this article, you were able to know How to maximise the life of Replacement vape Pods. It is recommended to always keep an eye on the e-liquid levels in your vape tank and monitor other details mentioned above to maximize the life of your vape pods.

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