Kratom for running

Kratom is an evergreen plant native from Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. People of these countries have been using this plant to endure harsh working conditions and treat several ailments such as chronic pain, inflammation, muscle aches, and fatigue, etc.

During the last two decades, its popularity has been continuously increasing in western countries due to its potential pain-relieving properties and energy-boosting effects. Runners are also feeling attraction towards Kratom now because of its energy-boosting and performance-enhancing effects. Kratom is one of the most promising supplements for people who are seeking a natural way to boost their energy.

Our today’s topic is “Can you use Kratom for running?” The short and simple answer to this question is yes! You can use Kratom to enhance your running capacity. There are many health benefits of using Kratom for running but first of all, we would like to discuss how Kratom works for runners.

How Does Kratom Work for Runners?

The working of Kratom is based on the active alkaloids present in it. According to the chemical profile of Kratom, it contains 11 major alkaloids among which 2 are very important. These 2 alkaloids are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Both these alkaloids are able to interact with different receptors in the body and produce different health benefits. Through these alkaloids, Kratom can also interact with the opioid receptors in the brain through which it can manipulate the process of pain reception, inflammation production, and energy production. So, the working process of Kratom is totally dependent on the active alkaloids present in it.

How Kratom Help in running?

Using Kratom for running has the following major benefits:

· Kratom boosts the body energy

Energy is the major requirement for running longer. So, if you want to enhance your running, you have to boost your body energy. Kratom will help you in this regard due to its strong energy-boosting effects. According to the research studies, the active alkaloids (Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine) present in Kratom interact with the opioid receptors in the brain responsible for energy production. This interaction leads to the increasing energy levels of the body. According to the recently published research study, Kratom improves blood circulation throughout the body which helps the body in energy production more efficiently. You have also felt fatigued or tired after running for a long time. This tiredness and fatigue can reduce your running capacity. Kratom helps you in combating tiredness and fatigue to keep you fresh for the next running session.

· Provides relief from chronic pain

Chronic pain caused by an injury or trauma can decrease your running capacity to a very larger extent. So, if you want to boost your running capacity, you have to get rid of any kind of chronic pain. Kratom, being a strong pain-reliever, helps in fighting against all sorts of chronic pain. The active alkaloids present in Kratom interact with the opioid receptors in the brain responsible for pain reception and stop their activity due to which the body starts feeling relief from pain. Kratom also helps the body in muscle recovery after running for a very long time.

Best Strains of Kratom for Energy

Many quality strains of Kratom are available in the market nowadays which can be used to enhance running capacity. Below are three of the best strains of Kratom for energy that you can use while running.

· Green Indo Kratom

Although it’s a newer strain of Kratom in the market, it is getting more and more popular due to its stimulation and pain-relieving effects. However, it should be taken in small quantities. Green Indo Kratom is the best strain for particularly those people who want to remain active and energetic during running and workouts. It is also a very good strain for pain relief.

· White Vein Borneo Kratom

This strain of Kratom is well-known for its long-lasting effects. It can keep you going throughout the day with only a few grams of dosage in the morning. Apart from energy-boosting effects, it produces clarity of the mind, and motivation to complete your daily tasks.

· Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is a Thailand-based strain with excellent energy-boosting effects. This strain is produced by a unique production method known as grafting. In this process, two plants are combined together to grow a new plant. Maeng Da Kratom is the best strain for getting pain relief and an energy boost.

Different Methods of Taking Kratom for Running

If you want to get maximum benefits out of Kratom, you should take it before running. It will increase your energy levels and help you in running for a longer time. The best method of taking Kratom is chewing its leaves directly. However, the measurement of dosage is difficult in this method. So, you should grind the leaves of Kratom into powder after drying and take it with water or drinks. You can also use many other forms of Kratom available in the market nowadays, for example, Kratom capsules, tinctures, paste, and gums, etc.


Kratom can be really helpful for runners because it has strong energy-boosting and pain-relieving effects. According to the experts, a dosage of 2-6 grams of Kratom can be helpful in enhancing your running capacity. However, don’t forget to consult your doctor before using Kratom.

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