Ageless Labs Cannabinoid Rich Gummies

In this CBD review, I’ll be reviewing Ageless Labs’ most in-trend CBD products. These include Water-Soluble Hemp Tincture, Rapid Relief Cream, Bath Bombs, Diet Hack Fasting Support 356, Cannabinoid Rich Gummies, Hemp Pet Drops, and Focus EZ Brain Support

Ageless Labs – CBD Products’ Full Review

About The Brand 

The Ageless Labs offers a massive variety of CBD products with unbeatable efficiency and unforgettable taste. Its CBD product line includes tinctures, gummies, bath bombs, brain support supplements, weight loss supplements, pain relievers, and even pet drops – thus, a one-stop solution.

All of its products are passed through an intense testing procedure to guarantee the highest quality outcomes. The experts behind the brand are keen to help their community live a happy and peaceful life without stress, anxiety, inflammation, or any such adversities. Thereby, they are extremely meticulous about their production and testing procedures. 

All of their products are mainly comprised of natural ingredients that are extremely effective and free of any side effects. This has made the brand a highly sought-after name in the market. One of the most exceptional features of Ageless Labs is its short absorption time. Its products have an unmatchable absorption time which starts from 15 minutes. Some of the products might take as long as 30 minutes but none exceeds that. Thus, the user does not have to wait for an hour to see the effects. 

Ageless Labs Full CBD Product Review

Rapid Relief Cream 

The worst part of most pain-killers and pain relief creams, apart from their bad taste and smell, is the length of time they need to start working. I had to usually wait for over 40 minutes to feel anything, which in pain is a long time. Plus, all those balms and sprays have an onion-like smell that makes it almost impossible to apply them in a public place or even around friends. 

Rapid Relief Cream

Thanks to this amazing Rapid Relief Cream by Ageless Labs that is not only quick but also has an attractive fragrance. I applied it on the targeted areas that usually were my wrist, shoulder, and lower back. All it took was 15-20 minutes to kick away the pain. 

Unlike other pain relievers, this has a mildly sweet fragrance that has allowed me to easily apply it whenever needed – even at work and around friends. 

The rapid relief cream contains water-soluble hemp CBD and a dozen of essential oils including peppermint oil, ginger oil, arnica oil, eucalyptus oil, and a few others. With such a generous composition one can only expect the best results. This cream leaves the skin and moisturized and prevents it from rashes for a speedy recovery. 

Water-Soluble CBD Tincture 

I have tried several CBD tinctures and the main problem with most of them has been their taste and the ability to shamelessly destroy a drink. They were either bland or had a sharp taste that would make me want to cut my tongue off. Adding them in beverages does no good either. 

Water-Soluble CBD Tincture

While on the verge of giving up I came across this water-soluble CBD tincture by the Ageless Labs. The flavor I got was pina colada and the others I say on their website were peppermint, chocolate mint, and raspberry lemonade. To my complete surprise, the rich, tropical pineapple and coconut blend is quite pleasurable that I could even take it separately. Though I also tried mixing it in water and pineapple smoothie and it only enhanced their taste. 

Moving on to its composition, the tincture contains water-soluble whole-plant hemp CBD that brings the bounties of the raw hemp along with all the terpenes and nutrients that make it even healthier. It hardly takes about 15 minutes to work while the effects last for over a couple of hours. 

Moreover, it is available in two different strengths – 1000 mg and 1500 mg that you can choose based on your requirements. I opted for 1500 mg two drops of which were sufficient for me for a day. 

Full-Spectrum Hemp Pet Drop

These days stress and anxiety in pets are as common as in humans. However, the treatments for the two are quite different. Humans can easily get a therapy session but should the pets do. My dog usually gets stressed when I am not around, which even gets severe sometimes. This was a major issue for me till I got this Full-Spectrum Hemp Pet Drop by the Ageless Labs. 

Two drops of this pet drop in the morning keep my dog calm and relaxed the whole day. The best part is the bacon flavor that makes my dog excited for the meal more than ever. I have also noticed a considerable reduction in his inflammation.  

Focus Ez Brain Support 

Like our body, often our mind also needs an external push. Some people turn to therapy sessions or other creative activities while Focus Ez Brain Support can do a lot more at a fraction of cost and in a very short time. 

Focus Ez Brain Support

This brain support features a powerful blend of full-spectrum hemp CBD, L-theanine, caffeine, and panex ginseng. L-theanine is a strong relaxing agent that significantly increases dopamine, serotonin, and GABA levels in the brain. This helps in boosting mood and enhancing creativity. Caffeine grants exceptional alertness, makes one feel less tired and keeps one awake. For your knowledge, caffeine is a common constituent of medicines for headaches, drowsiness, and migraines. The hemp content combats anxiety and stress and ensures a good overall mood.

Since this blend directly impacts the endocannabinoid system its results are much more powerful and quick than other supplements. The recommended dosage is 6 capsules a day but 4 were enough for me. 

Diet Hack Fasting Support 356 

For foodies like me, losing weight is as difficult as climbing Mount Everest even if it’s a pound or two. I do not prefer any medications or other chemical procedures for the purpose due to their probable side-effects. I also shun those strict keto diets that almost squeeze out all the energy from the body. 

Amidst the dilemma of having to lose weight but not knowing how I came across Diet Hack Fasting Support 356. It’s a CBD-infused dietary supplement that is packed with all the right ingredients to support weight loss without depriving you of the essential nutrients for a healthy body. The hemp cannabinoids used in the supplement are water-soluble that are easy to absorb and instant in effect. Other ingredients include chromium, magnesium, potassium, vanadium, guarana, green coffee beans, and green tea. 

Diet Hack Fasting Support 356

As shown by some studies, hemp consumers have a lower BMI and an even lower chance of having diabetes. Chromium further supports the claim by contributing to reversing diabetes. Magnesium helps in maintaining energy levels and preventing exhaustion. 

Ageless Labs Cannabinoid Rich Gummies

Ageless Labs aims to promote a healthy and stress-free lifestyle by making it more easily attainable. From its extensive range of CBD products, the Cannabinoid rich gummies are an absolute delight. Each one of them gives a rowdy burst of flavor that along with relaxing the mind is also a treat to the taste buds. It is available in three amazing flavors – mixed fruit, concord grapes, and mountain green apple. I tried mixed fruit and its juicy flavor made it super hard to resist. I am fully convinced to try the other two flavors too. 

Ageless Labs Cannabinoid Rich Gummies

The gummies are loaded with 500 mg of water-soluble hemp that instantly absorbs into the system to relieve stress and anxiety which not only boosts the mood but also enhances creativity. It also helps in treating the body’s inflammatory conditions. 

The jar contains 30 gummies and the recommended dosage is 1-3 per day. I used to take two either on my way to work or after lunch. It hardly took 15-20 minutes to calm me down and help me deal with the day more peacefully.   

Ageless Labs Hemp Bath Bombs 

Bath bombs are a unique way to consume CBD. However, not all brands can be trusted with these. I have tried several of these but mostly their efficiency has been compromised. Although all the other products by Ageless Labs were amazing, I wasn’t expecting much from the bath bombs. But to my surprise, these hemp bath bombs were as effective as any other product by the brand. 

They are available in four different categories that can be selected based on the purpose of use – breathe, headache release, retreat, and pain relief. There are two strength options as well – 50mg and 100mg. I chose headache release 100mg. In less than 20 minutes, I was completely calm without any traces of headache. 


Ageless Labs has an amazing CBD collection with the fastest absorbing products that take about 15 minutes or so to completely relieve stress. Its testing procedures and level of transparency have made it highly reliable. I’d highly recommend its CBD products -everything from tincture to pet drops. Every one of them is with a try. They are super effective and pleasurable at the same time. 

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